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Well, last night's dinner was perfectly lovely at the time. Sadly, something in it (or some combination of eating ALL THE THINGS) did not agree with me, which kept me up half the night.

So, today was a low-key day of work and not eating much. I was very glad to have Stuart drive me to work and back. I'm bummed about missing a free dinner at Javier's; but at best, it would have been a waste of good food, and at worst it could have provoked a repeat of last night.

I'm feeling a bit better, still not 100%, and more than a little short on sleep. Well, this year can only improve, right?
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Today we drove down to Oceanside for an astronomy expo. (Well, Stuart drove. It gets us there faster.) We did not win any of the Fabulous Drawing Prizes; I'm a bit relieved we didn't win anything huge. (Our #1 question for telescope vendors today: Will it fit in a Mini?) We didn't even buy anything, for a change.

Once the morning clouds burned off it got sunny and quite warm. The one thing we did bring back was his-n-hers mild sunburns. :-)

All in all, a great day out. I managed to stay fairly religiously low-carb, and did a hell of a lot of walking, both of which can only help.

In other news, Carmageddon seems to have emphatically failed to come to pass. Traffic on our bit of the 405 was the lightest I've ever seen it, and I've seen similar reports from closer to the affected area. Huzzah!
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We saw RED which was very silly. Helen Mirren with a machine gun, how can you go wrong?

I have finally succeeded in my quest for good crab cakes despite being on the wrong coast. (Difficulty: Special (not on the regular menu) at a restaurant where we can't afford to eat super often.)

We watched both quali and the grand prix. Yay, Sebastian Vettel (and not *just* because he's not Fernando Alonso). I love a happy ending.

I even seem to be on top of all the chores, including laundry, dishes, and shopping. We also had eye appointments yesterday & have both ordered new glasses. Yes, mine will be purple.

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Mar. 2nd, 2009 07:40 pm
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Did some more stitching on the cross stitch lady of dooooooom. GAH, someone needs to be slapped for recommending doing this on aida. Sadly I've already agreed to do the same picture for a friend in shades of pink. Maybe for the next one I'll make up some art deco mittens. :P

Started trying to play Rock Band 2 songs on Hard mode. Ow. Only got booed off the stage once (that will teach me not to trust "simple" mystery set lists!). Am occasionally adopting the strategy of just skipping all the orange notes. Sigh.

Have realised that work stress is getting to me way too much. There's too much ambient stupidity; I never seem to discharge the current Mad quickly enough before the next one comes along. Oh well, awareness is the first step. Silly post-its are the next ("stupid happens"), we'll see if that helps.

The new CJ Cherryh book ROCKS. I might need to go back and re-read Cyteen, but I'm not hopelessly lost. Yet.

Had a ton of sushi for lunch today. I feel like I may never get hungry again. We stopped for boba on the way back. I have tentatively decided that beverages should not be chewy.



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