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I've done some sewing in the past but generally under adult supervision, and I've never acquired the proper habits so my creations always look a bit wonky. Lately I am overcome with the twin urges to create something useful, and get in touch with my inner girlygirl.

To that end, I bought a book, "Love at First Stitch [Dressmaking Demystified]" which includes a series of projects from a basic headscarf all the way up to a fully lined dress. The projects are interspersed with anecdotes, advice, and how-tos. It's a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Today I went to my local Jo-Ann and went nuts in the remnant section. One of my finds was a glorious purple Halloween print with black chandeliers and spiders on it, which became a scarf. (Enough remains to make a cushion with... well, okay, with a cross stitch I haven't started yet. Sigh. This is how they get you.)

My scarf is not as long as the book said to make it, and the edges are a tad wobbly; but I followed the instructions and I made it. There is not another one like it in the whole world. Photo below the cut:

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I am inordinately pleased with myself. Next up, raiding the "What was I thinking?" end of my fabric stash to make hideous floral pyjama bottoms. Oh, and monkeying around with the tension on my machine, as anything other than a straight stitch results in angry bobbin thread tangles. And establishing a sewing routine in the dining room so I don't have to run downstairs every time I need to press a seam.
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Just picked up the February issue of Cross Stitcher a couple of days ago.

I've already re-mapped the colors for the Art Deco Lady (the dress needs to be purple, duh) and am about to scout materials for a test-stitch to see if I can fix the contrast issue with the black vs the charcoal grey.

As if I don't have enough projects already started?

*and* I need a stitchy icon.

(Doing a Google image search for "cross stitch icon" yields a most amusing result of "Hot Nintendo Cross-Stitch Action" on page 2... I'm scared...)
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So I'm thinking of getting a new sewing machine. (This business of moving to different countries and selling off all our electrical stuff has really got to stop.)

I did some poking around on joann.com and I think I want the Singer 7462 (amusing and overwhelmingly positive reviews on joann.com here).

I don't mind buying it on-line if the price is right; but I would really like to play with one in-person first and make sure it doesn't feel horribly wrong. Sadly, it's been about 20 years since I shopped for a sewing machine in the US, and I can't actually remember where the heck you buy sewing machines other than Sears. (I checked sears.com and target.com -- I'm not THAT lazy -- and neither of them carries the 7462.)

So, um, help? Does anyone have any amusing anecdotes about Singer sewing machines and/or useful suggestions on where to go play with one?

Thanks in advance, O mighty group mind.


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