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Booty camp wrap-up meeting was today. There was video... all of it shot after I got injured, so I wasn't in any of it. Tried to be happy for people who won stuff.

I have apparently lost 3% body fat and gained half a pound of muscle. Pretty sure I gained more than that, but lost it between breaking my finger and weighing out. Le sigh.


May. 7th, 2012 11:27 pm
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I feel like my life is one of those DirecTV commercials but in reverse. "When you get a third pitcher of margaritas, you take advice from Stefan. When you take advice from Stefan, you go work for a game team. When you go work for a game team, you sit next to a producer who is a jock. When you sit next to a producer who is a jock, you sign up for boot camp. When you sign up for boot camp, you drop 2 jeans sizes..."
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I just tried on a bunch of old skirts and dresses, some of which I haven't worn in years. Everything I tried on fits. I mean EVERYTHING. Who here remembers the white leather skirt from 1989?

I'm not sure why this surprised me, but it did. Go me!

(I, of course, can still see an unacceptable tummy bulge. Helloooooo, exercise!)
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I like it! You can set up a routine and just go. The trainer is WAY less annoying than the Wii Fit one -- at least so far (and you can turn down the chattiness, I checked).

There are still only so many exercises you can do whilst clutching a Wiimote, but these people are pretty darned creative about some of them.

I don't think the sporty games have a lefty mode, which will be irritating for some people.

Also, I suck at catching baseballs, even virtual ones. I'm not actually surprised. (I do apparently have a mean backhand though! The tennis and boxing are awesome for taking out one's pent-up aggressions.)
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People are f-ing sociopaths. Seriously. There are whole swathes of humanity that I would like to shake by the shoulders and yell, "YOU ARE NOT ANY MORE SPECIAL THAN ANYBODY ELSE. You do not get to strew your crap all over the one bench in the women's locker room and then go wander off somewhere. You do not get to weave through traffic at 80 miles an hour when everyone else is ALREADY DOING 70. You do not get to park in a freakin' visitor spot just because you can't be bothered coming in to work at a normal time like EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO." Sadly, all the evidence indicates that people DO get to do these things. Damn them all.

I am not the only one in the office who is short on sleep. Kid-in-the-Next-Cube and I had a heated debate this morning, lasting several minutes, over whether it was in fact Tuesday or Wednesday.

My exercise pants are starting to get somewhat floppy on me. Um, yay?
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I got dressed up this morning (possibly overkill). Some random observations, very probably Too Much Information:

1) I didn't have to struggle to get the panty hose over my butt. Wow, empirical evidence that I've shrunk.

2) My shoes are loose. This is ridiculous.

3) I look like a kid playing dress-up in this size 12 awesome purple blazer that I got on sale nearly 2 years ago. Crap! It's HEEEEE-YOOOGE!


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