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The Art Deco Lady of Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom Junior is finished. Pictures to be posted as soon as I can get the (expletive deleted) computer and iPhone to speak to each other again.

Next up, I think I shall give myself permission to do something VERY SMALL. By an awesome coincidence, the May issue of Cross Stitch Crazy came with a free Margaret Sherry kit of a mouse flying a kite.

Does this mean I will actually be able to complete one of her designs without mucking it up beyond all repair? Let's find out!
dianec42: Joshua tree against a blue sky (Stitching)
I finished "Seasonal Welcome". Yay me! Pictures soon.
dianec42: Joshua tree against a blue sky (Stitching)
... okay, I haven't made any actual stitches yet, but the fabric is cut and framed and the centerlines are in place. Oh boy is this stuff flexible. I am doooooooooooomed again.
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Started back in February, which now seems like several lifetimes ago. Put down in early August before vacation. Just picked it up again this evening and... if I'd realised it was that close to done, maybe I would have picked it up earlier. (Or maybe not... the metallic fractional backstitches are SO EVIL!)

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Mar. 4th, 2009 07:14 pm
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Good news: I have finished all of the regular backstitch.

Bad news: There is now nothing standing between me and the metallic backstitch. I'm really not looking forward to that.

Pics soon.

random bits

Mar. 2nd, 2009 07:40 pm
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Did some more stitching on the cross stitch lady of dooooooom. GAH, someone needs to be slapped for recommending doing this on aida. Sadly I've already agreed to do the same picture for a friend in shades of pink. Maybe for the next one I'll make up some art deco mittens. :P

Started trying to play Rock Band 2 songs on Hard mode. Ow. Only got booed off the stage once (that will teach me not to trust "simple" mystery set lists!). Am occasionally adopting the strategy of just skipping all the orange notes. Sigh.

Have realised that work stress is getting to me way too much. There's too much ambient stupidity; I never seem to discharge the current Mad quickly enough before the next one comes along. Oh well, awareness is the first step. Silly post-its are the next ("stupid happens"), we'll see if that helps.

The new CJ Cherryh book ROCKS. I might need to go back and re-read Cyteen, but I'm not hopelessly lost. Yet.

Had a ton of sushi for lunch today. I feel like I may never get hungry again. We stopped for boba on the way back. I have tentatively decided that beverages should not be chewy.

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So I decided to break from the plan (all the metallic whole stitches next) to do some of the detailing around the face, because I was tired of being stared back at by some sort of weird vampire zombie. OMG the backstitch on this one is EEEEEEEVIL! Half of it seems to be on half- and quarter-stitch boundaries. I'm doing this on Aida, people!

At least it's making the metallic stuff seem more reasonable. And at least the art deco lady looks like a lady now and not a zomby woof or something.

I was going to try to upload some pictures today (honest!) but the overhead light has just gone, so I think my time might be better spent looking for the weird bulbs and a ladder. Boy it's dark in here. =/
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Progress is being made on the Art Deco Lady of Dooooooom...
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Eventually I may even get some pictures uploaded. *is lame*

Yay me!

Jan. 11th, 2009 08:38 pm
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Today I got some more stitching done AND an entire 12 minutes exercising on the Wii Fit. Huzzah for me.


Jan. 9th, 2009 11:00 pm
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I did some stitching. It took a reasonably sensible amount of time. I think my brain is finally recovering from this damn cold.

Goals for the weekend: laundry, more dishes, WoW time, and re-introduce myself to the Wii Fit (even if it's just for a body test and 5 minutes of yoga).


Jan. 7th, 2009 10:00 pm
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I am mighty! Rawr!

I did some more stitching on the Giant Art Deco Lady Of Doooooooooom. (2 more lengths of the green... this time it only took about 40 minutes, as opposed to an hour and a half last time I did the same amount; this means I'm getting better, right?)

Heck, it's 10 PM and I'm still awake. I'm impressed. (Time to go do something about that...)
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Just 2 more days of work to get through. Really looking forward to the Worldcon & generally getting away from it all for a week or so.

Actually did some stitching last night. Aside from the metallic, the back stitch (and of course the metallic back stitch :P) the lower half is DONE! *cue choirs of angels singing* No more swearing at the page break!
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Last night I did some more cross stitch... I got to start TWO new colours, including the last shade of purple! I'm nearly done with the lower half, which is good as the page break is driving me crazy! (I even got to use one of the threads from my existing stash - will wonders never cease! The dark purple, of course.)

Yesterday I had a random bass line stuck in my head. I still have no idea where it actually originated, but today it came to my attention that it's awfully similar to the guitar line from "Nerve" by Shriekback. Yay, one more of life's little mysteries (possibly) solved.

This morning the cats were staring intently out onto the deck. Instead of the usual choices (squirrel; neighbor cat; mass hallucination) there was a tiny kitten out there! Awwwwwwwwww. I'm a little worried for the poor thing. Current plans involve Kitten Rescue Lady (who fortunately makes house calls) and a humane trap. She (the kitten, not the rescue lady) is tiny, looks about 6 weeks old at the absolute most, covered in fleas, and strangely friendly. She has at least one thing in common with Zoot, namely that she's so friendly she wouldn't last 5 minutes in the wild!

ARGH, I have a Weezer song stuck in my head. It's been there all of 5 minutes and it's getting mighty old.

Also I went to the gym Monday night. Hoo-eee. was that crowded. Carpe cross-trainer...

I'm sure there was more stuff but that's all I can think of right now.

le weekend

Jun. 15th, 2008 11:19 pm
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Dragon boat practice yesterday went reasonably well. My back is still killing me. There was a captains' meeting in the evening, also in Long Beach; I came home between practice and the meeting for a shower and some loafing around, both of which were worth it. My useless co-co-captain (don't ask) showed up to the meeting about an hour and a half late. Why am I not surprised?

I also did some stitching yesterday. Yay me.

Today there has been sleeping in, laundry, more cross stitch (I got to start the fifth shade of purple!), and WoW. My little blood-elf hunter is level 57! I'm so excited. I'm *so* not going to get all my old-world quests done before I bail and go to Outland. I hope to at least get the mechanical yeti first...
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I've been doing a little more stitching on the Art Deco Lady of Dooooooom. Next time, I will get to use a 4th shade of purple! Whee!

I've also been taking afternoon walks around the block a little more often. For a while I felt guilty about getting out of the office for 20 minutes during working hours, but everybody's doing it (including my lead and my manager!) so apparently it's just the done thing. It's also an excellent chance to talk to myself without anyone looking at me strangely or interrupting me with work issues, so occasionally I manage to gain a little perspective on the whole work drama thing and the need to rise above that. (-:

I've scored a 2-week free pass to a different gym (Bally's). It's not ridiculously far away, and the parking situ is reportedly workable. We'll see about the actual facilities, hours etc. I have GOT to get myself a membership in a gym that's actually pleasant to go to. (I also have a line on a cheap "in" at LA Fitness but have been too lame to look up their nearest location.)

Dragon boat coup is still incomplete (need to locate our current captain so we can depose him properly). Our coach says he's cooled down a bit and isn't actually going to kick our butts. I asked if he could just kick S. and K.'s butts anyway, and spare mine. :P
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I started the gigantic stitching project of DOOOOOOOOOOM.

There was much swearing, but I marked the centerlines, taped the edges, and wrestled the fabric into the huge scroll frame I bought earlier this evening. I then discovered that the purple masking tape, while purple, is evil in every other way imaginable, and ripped most of it off. Then I *actually* got the fabric into the frame in a more functional way, and started stitching.

So far I have done two of the ripples in the water. Without the actual water of course. But it's started!

Pictures will be posted at some point. Yes, I am taking pictures already; deal with it.


Mar. 4th, 2008 12:22 am
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My brain has just challenged me to design and implement "Art Gecko".

I'm not sure if this means I should drink less whisky while cross stitching, or more.


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