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My sewing machine is in Arizona already! Whee!
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I phoned (or attempted to phone) 11 sewing machine purveyors in the local area today. I am in search of the Quantum Futura cheap-ass embroidery machine.

The first three numbers I called, I didn't even get an answer.

I found a place that carries Berninas, a place that carries Vikings and Janomes, a place that carries a single White (where's my barge pole?), and a place that carries an industrial model the size of a refrigerator. There is a guy in Westchester who seems to really know his stuff, but he's a total snob about the machines. (Good for him; I'd like to be a snob about the machines too, but I simply can't afford that at the moment.) There was a lady in Torrance who didn't have any embroidery machines at all but suggested I should call the other lady in Torrance -- yes, I just called her and I can't afford her Berninas, kthxbye.

I would really like the CE-200, which comes with the design-your-own-designs software included and has more stitches. Singer's own web site cannot tell me where to purchase that machine. For the CE-100, I am about to do the unthinkable and drop by the local Wal-Mart after work. Yes, I am that desperate.

Sigh. This machine seems to fit a niche that the retailers won't admit exists. Places like Target and Jo-Ann won't carry anything this high-end, and the "real" sewing shops won't carry anything this low-end. But... but... the whole concept is SO COOL!

Sigh. If Wal-Mart fails me, only another 20 or so places to call tomorrow. At least it should go fairly quickly.
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Dear Singerco.com,

Congratulations! Your web site is SO irritating and hard to use that it will haunt me for quite some time. (Your utter inability to tell me where I can buy your spiffy embroidery machine is not helping your case either.)




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