Feb. 23rd, 2007 02:57 pm
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Last weekend we did NOT make it to Gallifrey con. We did sort of make up for it by watching the rest of season 2 on DVD that we ordered from the UK around Christmas.

I miss British TV. We're making a short trip to England soon for a wedding, and I hope I don't spend the entire rest of the time glued to the telly sighing wistfully.

Why are they changing the dates on daylight saving time AGAIN? It's hard enough to get up in the morning as it is. (I know, I know... they're just doing it to piss off grumpy old farts like me.)

My new resolution around the office: If I cannot help making theatrical sighing noises, I shall at least endeavour to do so with my mouth closed.

It is not actually possible to do a "quick" run of any part of Sunken Temple.

When are the Oscars? I volunteered to drive [livejournal.com profile] stuartc to a thing in Hollywood tomorrow, how doomed are we?

It took me longer to drive home from Torrance last night than it did to drive home from CYPRESS last Thursday. Grrrr.
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Dear 405 Commuters,

When I mused aloud that given the way people drive around here, it's a miracle there aren't more car accidents, that was meant to be RHETORICAL. I was certainly not intending that you lot should take it as a challenge.


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Okay, I don't normally rant about UK politics. I'm not from there, and I'm not even living there at the moment. But FFS, Tony Blair can be so thick sometimes!

From Ananova we get the excellently summed up news item:
Blair: Anti-yob measures no gimmick
"Council leaders in 40 new "Respect" areas have been warned they no longer have any excuse for failing to take action against yobs."

Yeah, RIGHT! Because the whole problem is that the COUNCILS aren't taking action. Of course! Silly us. Why didn't we think of that?! Gosh Mister Blair, we'll get on that right away.

Here's my modest proposal: I think politicians who say such idiotic things should be sentenced to live in the problem areas themselves, for up to 6 months per stupid thing said. This has the potential to make the world a better place in such a variety of ways!
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People are f-ing sociopaths. Seriously. There are whole swathes of humanity that I would like to shake by the shoulders and yell, "YOU ARE NOT ANY MORE SPECIAL THAN ANYBODY ELSE. You do not get to strew your crap all over the one bench in the women's locker room and then go wander off somewhere. You do not get to weave through traffic at 80 miles an hour when everyone else is ALREADY DOING 70. You do not get to park in a freakin' visitor spot just because you can't be bothered coming in to work at a normal time like EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO." Sadly, all the evidence indicates that people DO get to do these things. Damn them all.

I am not the only one in the office who is short on sleep. Kid-in-the-Next-Cube and I had a heated debate this morning, lasting several minutes, over whether it was in fact Tuesday or Wednesday.

My exercise pants are starting to get somewhat floppy on me. Um, yay?


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