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Includes some links on studies about eggs and cholesterol. [livejournal.com profile] siderea, we were discussing that a while ago.


May. 7th, 2012 11:27 pm
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I feel like my life is one of those DirecTV commercials but in reverse. "When you get a third pitcher of margaritas, you take advice from Stefan. When you take advice from Stefan, you go work for a game team. When you go work for a game team, you sit next to a producer who is a jock. When you sit next to a producer who is a jock, you sign up for boot camp. When you sign up for boot camp, you drop 2 jeans sizes..."
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"Stop getting work done! Play some video games already!"

I love my new team.
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We saw RED which was very silly. Helen Mirren with a machine gun, how can you go wrong?

I have finally succeeded in my quest for good crab cakes despite being on the wrong coast. (Difficulty: Special (not on the regular menu) at a restaurant where we can't afford to eat super often.)

We watched both quali and the grand prix. Yay, Sebastian Vettel (and not *just* because he's not Fernando Alonso). I love a happy ending.

I even seem to be on top of all the chores, including laundry, dishes, and shopping. We also had eye appointments yesterday & have both ordered new glasses. Yes, mine will be purple.

random bits

Mar. 2nd, 2009 07:40 pm
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Did some more stitching on the cross stitch lady of dooooooom. GAH, someone needs to be slapped for recommending doing this on aida. Sadly I've already agreed to do the same picture for a friend in shades of pink. Maybe for the next one I'll make up some art deco mittens. :P

Started trying to play Rock Band 2 songs on Hard mode. Ow. Only got booed off the stage once (that will teach me not to trust "simple" mystery set lists!). Am occasionally adopting the strategy of just skipping all the orange notes. Sigh.

Have realised that work stress is getting to me way too much. There's too much ambient stupidity; I never seem to discharge the current Mad quickly enough before the next one comes along. Oh well, awareness is the first step. Silly post-its are the next ("stupid happens"), we'll see if that helps.

The new CJ Cherryh book ROCKS. I might need to go back and re-read Cyteen, but I'm not hopelessly lost. Yet.

Had a ton of sushi for lunch today. I feel like I may never get hungry again. We stopped for boba on the way back. I have tentatively decided that beverages should not be chewy.

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.... but if Rock Band ever did REM's "It's the End of the World as We Know It" as downloadable content, I would TOTALLY try to sing that. It would be HILARIOUS.


Jan. 9th, 2009 11:00 pm
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I did some stitching. It took a reasonably sensible amount of time. I think my brain is finally recovering from this damn cold.

Goals for the weekend: laundry, more dishes, WoW time, and re-introduce myself to the Wii Fit (even if it's just for a body test and 5 minutes of yoga).
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I got up early to go to Saturday band practice. Didn't kill anyone. Came outside around 1 PM and it was HOT! It should not be nearly 40 degrees C in the middle of November.

Seems like a lot of things are on fire in these parts... by 2 PM it looked like sunset here. The entirety of outdoors smells like a smoking section. I dozed off on the couch around 3 and am now very, very groggy. It's all pretty surreal.

I read on latimes.com that Rancho Palos Verdes was on fire, but now it's out. Good luck to those who are near the other fires that are still going.
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Normally when the phone rings and it's someone I don't know, my first thought is "How can I get rid of this person?" However, there's an election in 6 days; and I live in California, so....

I've found myself being astonishingly polite and well-wishing to some cold callers recently. (Luckily the "Yes on 8" morons left a message, or that could have gotten ugly.) Tonight's conversation involved the phrases of "Oh right, THAT one. Good god no." So that was easy.

You know what, if ALL of these initiatives were to fail, I would not be distraught.
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Man successfully sues for the right to navigate his Segway inside a mall."This is about enforcing a civil right."
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Just 2 more days of work to get through. Really looking forward to the Worldcon & generally getting away from it all for a week or so.

Actually did some stitching last night. Aside from the metallic, the back stitch (and of course the metallic back stitch :P) the lower half is DONE! *cue choirs of angels singing* No more swearing at the page break!
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Last night I did some more cross stitch... I got to start TWO new colours, including the last shade of purple! I'm nearly done with the lower half, which is good as the page break is driving me crazy! (I even got to use one of the threads from my existing stash - will wonders never cease! The dark purple, of course.)

Yesterday I had a random bass line stuck in my head. I still have no idea where it actually originated, but today it came to my attention that it's awfully similar to the guitar line from "Nerve" by Shriekback. Yay, one more of life's little mysteries (possibly) solved.

This morning the cats were staring intently out onto the deck. Instead of the usual choices (squirrel; neighbor cat; mass hallucination) there was a tiny kitten out there! Awwwwwwwwww. I'm a little worried for the poor thing. Current plans involve Kitten Rescue Lady (who fortunately makes house calls) and a humane trap. She (the kitten, not the rescue lady) is tiny, looks about 6 weeks old at the absolute most, covered in fleas, and strangely friendly. She has at least one thing in common with Zoot, namely that she's so friendly she wouldn't last 5 minutes in the wild!

ARGH, I have a Weezer song stuck in my head. It's been there all of 5 minutes and it's getting mighty old.

Also I went to the gym Monday night. Hoo-eee. was that crowded. Carpe cross-trainer...

I'm sure there was more stuff but that's all I can think of right now.
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1. No, he's not planning on quitting his day job.
2. Apparently they were filming a documentary of Phil Hellmuth at the time. I imagine that could be a tad... distracting.
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Since so many creative geniuses seem to be dying these days, I thought I should point out that Leonard Cohen is still alive and has led one hell of an entertaining life so far.

I particularly liked the bit with Phil Spector and the crossbow.

an evening

Apr. 17th, 2008 09:17 pm
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I stayed somewhat late at work because of an emergency that I discovered last night. (I don't cause trouble, but I'm reeeeeeeaallll good at finding it!)

Then I went to the gym. Had I said that Thursday was the magic day to go to the gym, day of fabled parking spots and treadmills? I lied. Thursday is now almost as unpleasant as Tuesday or Wednesday, except that there was miraculously *one* parking spot and *one* treadmill free. While I know I shouldn't be greedy, as one of each is all I need, I am finding the overcrowding really unpleasant. I've made a list of some options to try in the upcoming weeks. Not that I'm going to have time, but it's nice to have a plan.

I stopped by CVS before the gym but they didn't have the brand of battery I wanted. Oh well.

Then I came home and found that there is to be no parking on our side of the street tomorrow morning due to "trees". Heaven alone knows. And I'm also completely unaware of where the hell my husband is at the moment. Oh well, that's about to be more tea for me then. As soon as I can get out from under this cat.

(Hah! Speak of the devil and he will phone you up from the bar. Some people. :P)
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Yesterday I got up far too early to go to dragon boat practice, the first of the season. Yay, we succeeded in having a practice. We had enough people to move a small boat, and we even ran into our ex-coach and sweet-talked her into coming out and coaching us. (Which was good, because we didn't actually have a plan for what we were going to do once we got on the boat.) Our fearless captain remembered the big folder o waivers, and is certified to steer, without which it would have been a really short practice. So yay, I didn't even have to kill anybody.

I'm still worried and think we should be doing more recruiting. If we're having this much trouble rounding up 10 people to have practice, it's going to be an utter joy trying to round up 20 so we can have a race. :P

Meanwhile, my darling husband had been trying in vain to start the crappy old lawn mower that came with the house. So once I got home & had lunch, we went shopping. We came home from Lowes with a lawn mower, a new leaf blower/sucker, and a weed whacker. Much yard work ensued (as well as laundry and dishwashing).

We tried valiantly to stay awake through the Malaysian Grand Prix. I think [livejournal.com profile] stuartc even succeeded. I definitely dozed off a few times. Apparently no one ran into Kubica's car this time, and he came in second after Raikonnen. Huzzah!

Today we slept in. More yard work and washing of things happened today. [livejournal.com profile] stuartc cleaned up the garage a bit, and we took down the Christmas lights.

Zoot (a.k.a. Tiny Kitten) has been in some sort of snit the past couple of days. She's currently attacking the inside of the couch directly underneath me. We dragged her out from under the bed this morning to verify that she's still breathing, not injured, and seems physically okay; but she's been skulking among several hidey-holes all weekend and not eating or drinking much. Crazy cat. Hopefully she'll get over it. Meanwhile Princess has been enjoying the relative peace and quiet.


Mar. 4th, 2008 12:22 am
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My brain has just challenged me to design and implement "Art Gecko".

I'm not sure if this means I should drink less whisky while cross stitching, or more.
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So for about a month now, I've been fighting off a rotten cold. Or something. I'm now fever-free and mostly sniffle-free, but still have about zero energy or focus. I've missed a couple of days of work, and even when I'm there I've been firing on about two cylinders max.

This past Monday I was feeling almost better, so I braved the gym. I did 20 minutes walking on the treadmill, and it damn near killed me. Sigh.

Today was a relatively active day. I went out with a group of cow orkers for a farewell lunch (cleverly got someone else to drive), and after work I indulged in some retail therapy at Barnes & Noble. I also shopped for some necessary bits and bobs at Trader Joe's, where I miraculously did not kill anyone.

For the future, even more ambitious plans have been thrust upon me. I have a dragon boating coaching clinic far too early on Saturday morning, and an open blues jam thingy two Sundays hence, both in Long Beach. Am currently v glad we moved south, still hoping the rain stops before I have to drive to anything far away.

I feel a bit like I'm waking up from a long nap. It will be good to get out more. Who knows, one of these years we may even get around to having a housewarming party...


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