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(On the "rest" days, Friday had a 30 minute walk. Saturday and Monday had shit-tons of driving. Sunday had some unstructured walking and random frolicking - above 6,000 feet, which has got to count for something, though I'm not sure what.)

Today we did a lot of repeats from day 1:
push presses (3 sets for weight and 1 drop set at the end)
reverse flyes
frog hops
chin-ups (with a GREAT DEAL OF ASSISTANCE in some cases, mine included)
pistol squats.

Pistol squats are interesting. They let you know if one of your knees really sucks. My right knee apparently DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. Sigh.

Can't believe boot camp is more than half over. Not sure what I'll do next.

Did terrible things to my diet over the weekend. I can apparently do the "drink too much and go berserk" thing once a month without hard. Two days in a row? Bad. Wearing my big girl jeans today, not in a good way. Getting the foods back on track but it's hard because it destroys my brain when I go off the rails like that, and it's hard to fix things when my brain is destroyed.


May. 7th, 2012 11:27 pm
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I feel like my life is one of those DirecTV commercials but in reverse. "When you get a third pitcher of margaritas, you take advice from Stefan. When you take advice from Stefan, you go work for a game team. When you go work for a game team, you sit next to a producer who is a jock. When you sit next to a producer who is a jock, you sign up for boot camp. When you sign up for boot camp, you drop 2 jeans sizes..."
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Fark claims, "Town realizes the only thing sillier than drooping pants is an ordinance prohibiting drooping pants" but the actual headline is even funnier:
Town Council drops pants ordinance

With the obligatory references to being the "butt" of jokes, etc.


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