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This one says:
"Remember, this is supposed to be FUN!"

(*) Ever since the "It's going to be O.K." post-it FELL OFF at a crucial moment, I've been taking no chances.

Thanks [livejournal.com profile] siderea!
dianec42: Joshua tree against a blue sky (Christmas party)
"I don't know how to deal with this, and that's okay."
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Am getting less and less impressed with sheetmusicplus.com as a source for dead-tree songbooks. Does anyone have a more reliable source?

It's not the $1.50, it's the principle of the thing )

All of my previous issues with them have been extremely minor and could be blamed on DHL. This is getting on my nerves a tad though. Why can't people just bloody well DO WHAT THEY SAY already?!

Update: They have sent a very prompt and courteous email in reply, telling me (1) how to enter the coupon code when ordering (which is exactly WHAT I DID thankyouverymuch) and (2) that the order was "imported" into the system today, so I should be able to check the status online tomorrow. I have sent the obvious reply. Hopefully I have been so sweet that their teeth ache. I do not think I will be doing business with these bozos again.

Update 2: Have finally gotten off my lame ass and looked up the music shop that Jim told me about. Crikey, it's half a mile down the street! I'm going! (And if they have the book in question, I think I'm just going to cancel my order with sheetmusicplus...)

Update 3: Sheetmusicplus is processing my coupon as a refund to my credit card, since it didn't go through on the order, which is fair enough. I just got the confirmation email with the details. So WHY IS IT that they can charge my card instantaneously, and yet it takes TEN TO FIFTEEN BUSINESS DAYS to process a refund? How does that work?

I am so sad that there is no way I can make it to Marshall before they close tonight. I am never ordering from these idiots again.


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