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I played my bass for about 10 minutes. Most of that was just noodling around and seeing if all my fretting fingers work. Answer: The pinky isn't great, but it can be made to function.

After a while I tried playing some 12-bar blues but it kept turning into Stormy Monday so I went with that.

Now my fingers are all sore. Also I have no calluses whatsoever. It will be interesting to see how I progress. Especially once I start playing faster things and the pinky gets in the way more... or not... you never know, maybe the PT exercises will do their thing and the finger of doom will keep up.

Gasp, I think I'm actually going to start practicing.
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There's a knitting joke in there somewhere. Knock yourselves out.

Getting set up with a DynaSplint tomorrow. From the paperwork, it looks like I'll be getting the single-finger one that looks like it should shoot lasers, not the whole-hand dealie that looks like it should shoot Spider-man webs.

In other news, it turns out that "Sensation is returning" is just a fancy way of saying "Ow".

I haz fingers! Some of them are a little confused and groggy after their 4-week nap. Hopefully they'll come around. Also, it's gonna be a while before the left hand is actually clean.


Jul. 13th, 2012 08:29 am
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OMG YAY. Last night I was finally able to put my rings back on. So they're on the wrong hand; they are ON for the first time in almost 2 weeks. ♥

What has...

Jul. 2nd, 2012 07:04 pm
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What has 2 thumbs and is going back to work tomorrow? THIS GAL.
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I seem to have accidentally invented a way to avoid the nasty 8-hours-east jet lag when coming back from Japan...

It's simple. While you're in Japan, just stay up later and later partying every night, until you're staying up approximately 8 hours later than you normally would. In other words, wrap yourself clean around to London time. Coming back to LA is a breeze!

Unfortunately, (a) I'm currently on the equivalent of staying up until nearly noon the next day (so far); and (b) I still had to get up redonkulously early each morning, so I racked up a truly stunning sleep deficit, which has now caught up with me.

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Up until now, I haven't really experienced culture shock. Heck, even when I moved to the UK, very few things were shocking to me. Drive on the other side of the road (and the car)? No problem. They eat what?! Cool! Et cetera.

In SoCal things have generally been quite similar. The traffic's not that much worse than Boston most of the time; I dealt okay when I wandered into the supermercado where the staff spoke some English but the customers certainly didn't; and most of the really annoying celebrities are all over TV and the radio anyway. After all this, what could possibly surprise me?

Well, last Friday I went to the dentist. Everyone there, including the dentist, was REALLY NICE. The dentist even explained to me all the stuff he was looking for, and at the end he even thanked me for getting this looked at because obviously being there was very difficult for me.

What the hell?! Everywhere else I've lived, the dentists have been absolute bastards. These people are freaking me out!


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