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Today we drove down to Oceanside for an astronomy expo. (Well, Stuart drove. It gets us there faster.) We did not win any of the Fabulous Drawing Prizes; I'm a bit relieved we didn't win anything huge. (Our #1 question for telescope vendors today: Will it fit in a Mini?) We didn't even buy anything, for a change.

Once the morning clouds burned off it got sunny and quite warm. The one thing we did bring back was his-n-hers mild sunburns. :-)

All in all, a great day out. I managed to stay fairly religiously low-carb, and did a hell of a lot of walking, both of which can only help.

In other news, Carmageddon seems to have emphatically failed to come to pass. Traffic on our bit of the 405 was the lightest I've ever seen it, and I've seen similar reports from closer to the affected area. Huzzah!
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Why is it impossible to find 54" long curtains any more?

Wondering if there's any particular trick to making curtains. Do you have to, like, put weights in them to make them hang properly?
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Went to the gym on Thursday and Saturday (cancelled my membership after my workout on Saturday for, basically, the reason that I should not belong to a gym in LA).

I've been playing on the Wii Fit pretty consistently for 4 days a week for the past few months. That's not necessarily what I'd call vigorous exercise though. It'll be interesting to see what I end up doing next.


Feb. 5th, 2009 08:42 pm
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whining within )
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Yes, I survived today's earthquake. I've been in meetings all day and then our DNS fell over, so this has been my first chance to post.

That was kind of fun. My parents haven't called me, so I'm not going to call them and make them worry. I'll probably call them in a week or so about something else and just casually say, "Oh yeah, we had a five-point-something(*) last week, no biggie..."(**)

(*) They downgraded it to a 5.4 the last I checked. They've probably changed it again. :P

(**) Possibly to be followed shortly by "Stop giving me a hard time. You people have VOLCANOES, for crying out loud..."
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Dragon boat practice has been cancelled today due to thunderstorms. The sun just came out here.

In other news, it's hilarious that the iPhone makes an instant-messenger noise when you get a text message. Imagine two really sleepy people poking all the computers in the house at 8 AM trying to figure out where the hell the noise is coming from...
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I've been doing a little more stitching on the Art Deco Lady of Dooooooom. Next time, I will get to use a 4th shade of purple! Whee!

I've also been taking afternoon walks around the block a little more often. For a while I felt guilty about getting out of the office for 20 minutes during working hours, but everybody's doing it (including my lead and my manager!) so apparently it's just the done thing. It's also an excellent chance to talk to myself without anyone looking at me strangely or interrupting me with work issues, so occasionally I manage to gain a little perspective on the whole work drama thing and the need to rise above that. (-:

I've scored a 2-week free pass to a different gym (Bally's). It's not ridiculously far away, and the parking situ is reportedly workable. We'll see about the actual facilities, hours etc. I have GOT to get myself a membership in a gym that's actually pleasant to go to. (I also have a line on a cheap "in" at LA Fitness but have been too lame to look up their nearest location.)

Dragon boat coup is still incomplete (need to locate our current captain so we can depose him properly). Our coach says he's cooled down a bit and isn't actually going to kick our butts. I asked if he could just kick S. and K.'s butts anyway, and spare mine. :P
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So I went to Jo-Ann's with a list and a plan... to find out that they only carry DMC embroidery threads, not Anchor. Bah! I grumpily prodded the selection of purple and verified that it just won't do. Now to panic... I mean research.

I did however get a piece of 16-count Aida which was exactly the size called for plus one inch in each direction, plus the Light Effects thread I needed. On a whim I headed to the magazine section, where they had ONE COPY LEFT of the January Cross Stitcher (with the giant Art Deco chart). Score!

I also bought a couple of pairs of silly and comfortable shoes to wear as the weather gets warmer, but failed utterly to get an emergency backup pair of jeans. Oh well, time to hit the gym until I fit back into the smaller ones. (I may rant later about capris, but I'm just too tired right now.)

Also, Xump had one 5x5 rubik's cube in the window, but it was the crappy Winning Moves one, which the nice salesgeek agreed was utter rubbish and under no circumstances should I buy it. I assume she was NOT working on commission! (-:
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Today was The Day That Everything Is Scheduled For. 12:00 band practice started around 12:30 (grr). I got to 5:00 soccer practice around 5:05 and was not actually the first person there! I was the second. Also the last... Luckily the other guy had a ball. (I had a great time too. Har, har.)

We practiced passing for a while. Then some bigger kids showed up and wanted to ACTUALLY play soccer. So while they did that, I kicked the spare ball against the wall for a while, with occasional gusts of chasing one ball or the other all over creation. I actually got a pretty good workout, got winded and rather sweaty. And I got to kick the ball lots and lots, to see where it goes when I do that. I'm getting better at predicting where it will go, and eventually I might even be able to control it a little better.

This makes me feel slightly better about the fact that although I made it to the gym twice last week, I didn't make it at all this week. I have some excuses about that, but they're neither here nor there. I will do better next week.

On the way home I drove past a Pizza Hut and caught a whiff of baking pizza crust. Now I have a hankering for a big basket of Bertucci's bread rolls, which is a bit of a problem. Must find the good pizza places out here...

P.S. Dear LJ, please stop @%#^!! logging me out. :P
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As the free gym is now too damned far away, tonight I joined a gym. 24 Hour Fitness again, as they've conveniently opened one about a quarter-mile from the new house.

I note with amusement that their "month-to-month" terms are now considerably more reasonable than they were the first time around. Still wonder if I'll ever see my cheque from the class-action thing.

Too tired and antisocial to go to the gym tonight, of course. Might go for some cardio and/or hot tub tomorrow if soccer practice doesn't kill me. I promised my salesdude that he'll see me there on Wednesday at the latest.

I was impressed. When I toured the locker room, it was quarter to yoga, and the place wasn't swamped with yoga bunnies. There are 25 treadmills, less than half of which were occupied at 7:30 PM. I think I can deal with this place.


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