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I should really write up a multi-bajillion-part trip report about my trip to Japan. However, I am still absolutely exhausted, so I will leave you with a few snippets for now:

* Japanese toilets are really, REALLY strange.
* I hope I never see another buffet again for a really long time.
* Tokyo Banana is made of win.
* I drank a LOT of coffee on the trip. Some of my colleagues would probably say TOO much.

There were 14 of us in the group; 7 from this building, 5 from a random assortment of offices from around the US, 1 from Canada, and 1 from Argentina. I didn't even know half of these offices existed.
I should have been practicing my conversational Spanish for this trip. Who knew? )

Tune in next time for further adventures and short-lived sporting careers.
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I seem to have accidentally invented a way to avoid the nasty 8-hours-east jet lag when coming back from Japan...

It's simple. While you're in Japan, just stay up later and later partying every night, until you're staying up approximately 8 hours later than you normally would. In other words, wrap yourself clean around to London time. Coming back to LA is a breeze!

Unfortunately, (a) I'm currently on the equivalent of staying up until nearly noon the next day (so far); and (b) I still had to get up redonkulously early each morning, so I racked up a truly stunning sleep deficit, which has now caught up with me.

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Made it home from Japan. Bags are unpacked, but a major stuff-all-over-the-bed warning is still in effect.

Also, I (heart) the international date line. I got home before I left! (On the down side, it's now Monday *again*.)

Shower time, more updates will appear soon in a completely random manner.

(edited to add: It was a complete blast. But I'm way too tired to convey my true enthusiasm right now.)


Oct. 22nd, 2007 06:44 am
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Still in Japan. On internet for 5 more minutes. Spending the next day clutching my head like a stunned monkey. Raikonnen?! Um, cool?

More later, yen running out. (-:
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Work is sending me to Japan for a week! I don't know how much Internet access I'll have... see you on the flip side!


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