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Send me an email (firstname at lastname dot net) if you want the new contact infoz. If you have any pointers to me in Torrance, they are no longer valid. My cell phone has NOT changed. :-)
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Time from start of work to end of work: 3.5 weeks. (So the time from start of design to end of work was more like 3.5 months... we'll ignore that part...)

I can't stop squeeing long enough to put anything away! I'm making hard boiled eggs in a real saucepan and I am going to drain them in a real kitchen sink! Also, holy cow those sinks are deep. I may have gone a bit overboard on that part. (Now if I could just keep the damn cat out of the sink...)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled wild evening of chasing cats around and putting cones back on their heads.
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Yesterday I opened our final bill from the cable co for our old address. There was a $522 charge on there for unreturned equipment! Needless to say I got on the phone and had some words with them. We had to go to their local office in person for some reason. Apparently it's taken care of. We'll see.

When we got back there was a fire engine in our back alley, and no water coming into the house. It seems the water main on our street had broken. Luckily several other people had called it in. And we got to meet a couple more of our neighbors. We went out and bought groceries and a couple of cases of bottled water. [livejournal.com profile] stuartc went out to the alley and had a word with the workmen around 10 pm, water was restored shortly after that.

Today we drove to Ikea and discovered that they don't make the short Ivar shelves any more. Doh! Luckily my husband has a way with a hand saw. They also didn't have any suitable computer desks for keeping cats out of the peripherals. We also couldn't find some of the cables for the Xbox and the PC, so we went to Best Buy. Needless to say as soon as we got home we found them. Now we have spares. We did eventually get the entertainment center assembled and I think everything is even working now. Sadly we are now both too tired to be entertained. And tomorrow is Monday! Boo! Whose idea was that?!

Also the new place doesn't have a dishwasher. I think I might be too tired to stand long enough to do the rest of the dishes...


Jul. 30th, 2007 08:00 pm
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Dragon boat races in Long Beach were this past weekend. Our team got bumped up into a harder division. We were, as they say, Not Prepared. Several of our races were agonizingly close, but we came home with no medals. Oh well, time to up our game, or whatever the kids are calling it.

Home internet connection is working. Small projects getting done, some boxes unpacked, still haven't found the cutlery drawer insert or the main cutlery stash so we're living out of the dish drainer for a few things. Found both salt shakers finally, so at least breakfast will return to normal soon.

Getting used to this not-having-a-dishwasher thing again. 9-minute commute is also not bad. (I got the commute down to 7 minutes this morning by getting on the freeway. NOT worth it!)

All the utilities are set up. WoW works. My guildies know I'm alive again.

Time to go hunting through more boxes now...
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Saturday was dragon boat practice. The race is in just over a month so our fearless leaders are pushing us a bit more. I stopped by the realtor on the way back to drop off one signed thing and pick up another thing to sign. Then I made the mistake of opting for the scenic route home. I'm trying to not get so irked with heavy traffic, but there were several points where it was so backed up we had to sit at green lights, which is apparently where I draw the line.

Later [livejournal.com profile] stuartc and I dropped in on D. and M. that we used to work with. They have a nice, if small, place in Santa Monica. We met their kitties and they gave us boxes. (The lads did, not the cats.) We tried to go to Costco to buy more boxes but they were already closed, which was a shame as I also needed (and now even more desperately need) to put fuel in the car and I would have preferred to do so cheaply.

Sunday started out as a relatively normal day in that we did NOT have to do any realtor things, and we did NOT get up early. Sadly the voice of reason (my husband) insisted it was time to start packing boxes. Have I mentioned lately that we have way too much stuff?

There was a little WoW in there too, but I am still nowhere near level 70.

Also I have been taking lots and lots of Advil, as I was already sore from dragon boating before I even started slinging boxes around.


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