May. 21st, 2012 08:36 pm
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We drove to Redding (CA) to be in the path of yesterday's annular solar eclipse. It was totally worth the drive! We watched it from Manzanita Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park. There were quite a few people there, but it wasn't out of control. (Apparently the group at Whiskeytown got a bit rowdy. Glad we drove further!)

I made a pinhole projector (in the field!) from stuff I had brought along. Basically, under $1 worth of crap we had lying around the house. Yay science!

This was thoroughly upstaged when one of the guys made a cardboard cutout - I think it was supposed to be a cat, or maybe Totoro or something - and poked 2 pinholes for eyes. We all decided it was actually Batman. Hilarity!

It is amazing how much astronomy stuff you can fit into a Mini.

Things I could have done without:
* crappy service at the previously awesome steakhouse the second night;
* my husband's awesome super power of getting sick in strange cities;
* dire warnings from the Mini half an hour from home (the oil pressure is too low and we're ALL GONNA DIE!) which vanished before we even successfully found a place to pull off. We checked the oil. It's fine.

More on the trip later. Time to get back to laundering ALL THE THINGS.
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I like it! You can set up a routine and just go. The trainer is WAY less annoying than the Wii Fit one -- at least so far (and you can turn down the chattiness, I checked).

There are still only so many exercises you can do whilst clutching a Wiimote, but these people are pretty darned creative about some of them.

I don't think the sporty games have a lefty mode, which will be irritating for some people.

Also, I suck at catching baseballs, even virtual ones. I'm not actually surprised. (I do apparently have a mean backhand though! The tennis and boxing are awesome for taking out one's pent-up aggressions.)
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So this is somewhat magical, at least until I find out how they do it:

There's a free app for the iPhone called Shazam. You play a song at it for about 10 seconds, it communes briefly with the mother-ship, and then it tells you what the song is and who performed it.

I don't know if it's available for other kinds of phone or not. They seem to be on the web at

Today's lunchtime conversation was a touch more surreal than usual:

"What are you guys doing?"

"He's getting his phone so we can have my phone talk to it and try to confuse it...."

Sadly it doesn't seem to know anything classical, and I managed to stump it with Don Dixon. Come on people, that's out on CD! It does seem to know an awful lot of other stuff though.

So, bets are now open: How soon before someone gets busted for doing this while driving? (-:
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It's mostly a lot of fun.
Click here for mucho boring detail )
I have 2 characters so far, both on the Wiccana server. A level 6 Dark Templar named Nyame, and a level 13 Conqueror named Phidiana who will probably only be played on Saturdays with the group. I'll likely create a few more characters to try out the different classes; no idea what I'll end up sticking with.

The system requirements are a little steep. We have shiny new his-and-hers desktop PCs to play it on. Now we're off to Ikea to get actual desks for those... (-:


May. 23rd, 2008 08:48 pm
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I has a new monitor. This one works! Oooooooh. It's HUGE!

Time to install some games. Or maybe dinner. How'd it get to be almost 9:00 already? I'm not even the one playing!
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Well, the new computer is set up and seems to work okay. The new monitor, not so much.... sigh, at least we have a spare.

Hmph, though. If there's one thing I love more than going to Best Buy it's going *back* to Best Buy with an open box of poopy monitor that doesn't work.


May. 21st, 2008 09:54 pm
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Bah. Age of Conan crashes on my poor old laptop. Oh well, shopping time!


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