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Oct. 7th, 2008 07:05 pm
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Apparently I didn't make myself clear earlier.

I am in a band run by someone who thinks "The Man Who Sold the World" IS A NIRVANA SONG.

Pity me.


Dec. 16th, 2007 12:35 pm
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Well, the band's big annual gig was last night, at the office holiday party.

Apparently the audience thought we were fantastic. We had a lot of energy (in the good way) and we recovered well from our mistakes.

Unfortunately, there were a LOT of mistakes. I know that graceful and quick recovery is an important life skill; but I wish we didn't have to practice it quite so much ON STAGE.

I've made some notes on a copy of the set list, and I'll use those to determine whom to kill and whom to maim lightly, some time when I'm not hung over.

I'm glad that the audience enjoyed it; but after so many of us worked so hard on so much, I found it to be a crushing disappointment.
dianec42: Joshua tree against a blue sky (2006 on stage)
Shortly, my band-mates and I will rock the house, or kill each other. Possibly both.

Wish me luck!
dianec42: Joshua tree against a blue sky (2006 on stage)
I'm actually really excited about the stuff the band is doing this year, now that I'm finally paying attention.

We have a LOT more stage time this year than we did last year, and it looks like we're going to have a lot more say in when we go on & for how long. We're working on some fun songs. And even though A. (like most bass players) is probably a much better bass player than I am, I'm still way ahead in terms of knowing the songs, working well with the band, and controlling the cheat sheets. So I'm not feeling massively threatened right this second.

I also finally have a draft set list to swear at. (It turns out our fearless leader not only can't read, he can't count either.) So I'm as happy as a pig in @$#%^$!, as they say. I swear, I should just get a job as an editor somewhere and be done with it...

(In other other news, I actually seem to be awake and paying attention to life at the moment. We'll see how long this lasts.)
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Apparently I have been championing the cause of "Walking on Sunshine" SO enthusiastically (and our real girl singer has missed so many practices) that now I'M going to be singing it.

The good news is, I have serious karaoke training wheels for this. The bad news, if you're [ profile] stuartc or the neighbours, is that I have serious karaoke training wheels for this....

Um, yay?
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Today was The Day That Everything Is Scheduled For. 12:00 band practice started around 12:30 (grr). I got to 5:00 soccer practice around 5:05 and was not actually the first person there! I was the second. Also the last... Luckily the other guy had a ball. (I had a great time too. Har, har.)

We practiced passing for a while. Then some bigger kids showed up and wanted to ACTUALLY play soccer. So while they did that, I kicked the spare ball against the wall for a while, with occasional gusts of chasing one ball or the other all over creation. I actually got a pretty good workout, got winded and rather sweaty. And I got to kick the ball lots and lots, to see where it goes when I do that. I'm getting better at predicting where it will go, and eventually I might even be able to control it a little better.

This makes me feel slightly better about the fact that although I made it to the gym twice last week, I didn't make it at all this week. I have some excuses about that, but they're neither here nor there. I will do better next week.

On the way home I drove past a Pizza Hut and caught a whiff of baking pizza crust. Now I have a hankering for a big basket of Bertucci's bread rolls, which is a bit of a problem. Must find the good pizza places out here...

P.S. Dear LJ, please stop @%#^!! logging me out. :P


Dec. 12th, 2006 03:21 pm
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Hey, look! It's me, on stage, all blurry. (And there is NOTHING IN FRONT OF MY FACE IN THIS ONE!!!)

I did have to crop out Dan's elbow. Typical.

Still waiting for the nice people at work to cough up more pictures...
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+++ My car is NOT full of other people's random crap! Woo hoo!
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The annual office Christmas party Generic Politically Correct Non-Denominational Holday Party (With Christmas Trees!) has come and gone. I played in the office band once again, and overall it was quite good.

+ We were MUCH better rehearsed and prepared this year.
+ The venue was much more conveniently located, and better laid out for hauling stuff around and setting up.
----- My dear husband [ profile] stuartc was sick and couldn't go.
+ He understands that the show must go on and all that.
- The party was on a Friday this year instead of a Saturday, so we didn't have a lot of time to prepare and set up.
+ Did I mention this hotel is sanely laid out? We were set up and ready to go, with no incidents, in plenty of time.
+ This hotel also has a modern (and properly grounded!) electrical system, so we didn't have to spend 2 hours getting rid of a 60-cycle hum in the PA.
- We were on BEFORE (and slightly DURING dinner), so people were still arriving, and were mostly still sober.
+++ We absolutely rocked. People clapped and cheered. Despite being sober, some of them apparently nearly started dancing.
- We did, inevitably, screw up a couple of times.
+ Apparently no one noticed.
+ "Moondance" needed another guitar solo anyway. (Okay, not really.)
+ This year's dress actually stands up to a strong light.
+ I bullied several people into taking pictures of me in The Dress.
+ The Victoria's Secret Highly Technical Device worked pretty well.
- There were a couple of technical glitches with that, but I'm pretty sure only I noticed.
++ I actually had sufficient cleavage that when I found a spare guitar pick at the end of the night, I had a place to stash it.
- Had to loan out my book light to Mr Big Cheese for his saxophone stuff.
+ There was enough ambient light that I didn't need it.
+++ I had everything pretty well memorised anyway.
+ Actually got the book light BACK at the end of the night.
+ Found a solution to the 4-page fold-out Girl From Ipanema problem. (Answer: Drumsticks.)
- The order got switched on us, so I didn't get out the 4-page fold-out in time to use it.
+ I played it from memory just fine.
- By the time I noticed people starting to strike the equipment, I had drunk too much red wine to even think about pulling the car around.
+ Happily, we had an entire spare SUV of space, so mine wasn't actually needed.
+ At least I'm a pleasant drunk, if a bit babbly and random.
+ I didn't actually fall off of The Shoes.
- Ow, my feet.
+ Stayed in the hotel overnight, like a sensible person.
- By myself, as previously noted. Don't like sleeping alone.
- No coffee makers in the rooms.
--- $3.25 for a fracking cappucino in the hotel Starbucks. Sheesh.
+ Stopped by Trader Joe's on the way home to pick up some necessary bits.
- At noon on a Saturday. WTF was I thinking?

And finally, the realization that I've been avoiding having:
+/- I have GOT to start playing more than one gig a year. This is ridiculous.

Pictures forthcoming.
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After months of nagging me to HIT THE @$#%! STRINGS HARD ALREADY, Dan actually turned my amp down today. He's apparently been doing this surreptitiously for a while now.

I guess that means I'm doing it loudly enough. (-:
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1. It really is going to be O.K.

2. It really is going to be fun. Heck, it's fun now.

(The party is TOMORROW! And I think we're actually READY!)
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I also seem to be getting better at telling the various guitarists to Stop That Right Now.

Some of 'em even listen...
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This is SUCH a bad time to have blisters on my fingers.

Or to be having an altercation with a lead guitarist who is, at this point, Just Showing Off.
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OMG do these things work better when a drummer shows up!

("It's My Life" is working! Whee! Also, ow.)
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Dan had to leave practice early today. Within minutes, I was ready to kill the rest of them.

I really must learn the Command Voice. (Or at least hide the drumsticks when certain annoying people are around.)

It also boggles my mind how our Fearless Leader, who for SOME REASON seems to think "we" all know how to play The Girl From Ipanema (because "we" did it 2 years ago, before I was even employed here) is the SAME PERSON who has absolutely NO IDEA where his sheet music for "Desafinado" is even though WE really DID do that one and we did it MORE RECENTLY. Am I just being totally unreasonable here?

Also, people keep getting the days mixed up. How hard is this? November has 5 Thursdays in it this year. Deal with that!
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Last night at the gym I noticed I have shifted from "I suck" to "I'm really sucking at this right now."

That seems to be a step in the right direction, and seems to apply in several areas of my life.
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Part of the reason the music has made everything better?

Now I know I'm not the only one who sucks at these songs right now. (-:


Oct. 23rd, 2006 01:52 pm
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The Girl From Ipanema-related miracle has, in fact, occurred.

Someone please get this inane song out of my head, stat!
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Band practice was remarkably productive.

I was correct that it was in fact D. that had that scheduling conflict that prompted all the lack of communication and ensiung drama. I am very slightly annoyed with myself, because I was the one who pointed out that he is the glue that holds us all together, and that practice would be utter chaos without him; so it's at least partly my fault we had to be there that early. But you know what, I was RIGHT.

Sometimes I get tired of being right…

The music has made everything better. Some of it utterly sucked, but we all got through it together, and now we know (some of) how much work we still have to do. I still need to have a Girl From Ipanema-related miracle occur, but I'm working on that.

I also did some sort-of productive shopping. Sadly I will have to go back to the Halloween shoppe and complain that when I got home and opened my pair of boot toppers to try them on, there was in fact only one in the package, which is not very useful.

Now the couch has got me. Whatever I do, I'd better not start playing WoW or I'm doomed. There may also be a nap in my future.
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It is 0725, NOT 1425 as idiotic LJ seems to think it is. In less than an hour I will hit the road and go to the office. Why? Because someone in the band had a scheduling conflict, and he got together with our Fearless Leader to hatch a clever plan to save Saturday practice.

Now, if our Fearless Leader had just SAID THIS IN HIS EMAIL, he'd be a freakin' hero. Instead, I am still so enraged about the news and how it was broken that I will not speak of it until after we've made some incredibly productive music (or died trying).

What was that about getting angry again? Okay, I've got the angry part, now all I need is a little focus…


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