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I've done some sewing in the past but generally under adult supervision, and I've never acquired the proper habits so my creations always look a bit wonky. Lately I am overcome with the twin urges to create something useful, and get in touch with my inner girlygirl.

To that end, I bought a book, "Love at First Stitch [Dressmaking Demystified]" which includes a series of projects from a basic headscarf all the way up to a fully lined dress. The projects are interspersed with anecdotes, advice, and how-tos. It's a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Today I went to my local Jo-Ann and went nuts in the remnant section. One of my finds was a glorious purple Halloween print with black chandeliers and spiders on it, which became a scarf. (Enough remains to make a cushion with... well, okay, with a cross stitch I haven't started yet. Sigh. This is how they get you.)

My scarf is not as long as the book said to make it, and the edges are a tad wobbly; but I followed the instructions and I made it. There is not another one like it in the whole world. Photo below the cut:

I made a scarf!

I am inordinately pleased with myself. Next up, raiding the "What was I thinking?" end of my fabric stash to make hideous floral pyjama bottoms. Oh, and monkeying around with the tension on my machine, as anything other than a straight stitch results in angry bobbin thread tangles. And establishing a sewing routine in the dining room so I don't have to run downstairs every time I need to press a seam.

Date: 2017-05-28 12:32 pm (UTC)
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A bit of advice, if you haven't had your machine cleaned or tuned up, that could result in wonky tensions and bunching thread. I use my machines a lot, (I have six of them) I have them professionally cleaned and tuned up once a year.

Also another thing that will cause thread bunching is a dull or the wrong needle for the fabric. Needles should be changed after about 20 hours of sewing, more often if you are sewing heavy or coarse fabric. When it comes to needles, I tend to use size 80 for average work, the higher the number the heavier the fabric.

Good Luck!

PS. feel free to ping me if you have any questions, I might be able to help.

Date: 2017-05-29 12:31 pm (UTC)
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When was the last time the machine was oiled? All the moving parts need to be oiled, especially if it hasn't been used in a few months. That's something a professional cleaning and tuning up will take care of. I am notorious for forgetting to oil my machines. Everytime I take them in for cleaning and tuning, the guy gives me grief, but he knows me now and knows to expect machines full of fabric dust that have been beaten on for a year. I have gotten better at using canned air to blow the worst of the dust out occasionally, but I'm terrible at machine maintenance, and I know better. :)


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